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Wrestleshock Reviews - Episode 9

September 20, 2012

Welcome one and welcome all to the 9th episode of Wrestleshock reviews.  You may have noticed that there is a different voice over at the start and major thanks to Brian T Stevenson for doing that for the podcast.  Check out Brian's site at http://www.bsvoices.com/ or on twitter briantstevenson.

Chris is back with another review courtesy of the fantastic folk over at Silvervision.co.uk.  This time its all about finishing!  Chris talks about the 50 greatest finishing moves in WWE History.  Chris actually divulges the 50 moves that make up the countdown and what was on the list that shouldn't be?

Martin Stynes (martintalks on YouTube) is back with another stellar review and this time he is talking WCW as Martin reviews Best of WCW Clash of the Champions.  Martin does a fantastic job and talks at length about the set and how its one of the few times hes watched WCW.

Follow Martin on Twitter - @martinstyness and Chris as well - @Vinto316.