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Wrestleshock Reviews - Episode 3

May 4, 2012

Greetings all!

Its been a while since Chris has done a Wrestleshock Reviews but he is well and truly back now with not 1 or 2 reviews but 5!  yes thats right 5 reviews.

First up is a listener request - Rory Bradfield is a huge Mr Perfect fan so Chris has covered one of his favourite wrestlers with a review of The Life and times of Mr Perfect. If you would like to have a certain DVD/Blu-ray covered, listen in and you will find out how you can do it!

After this, Chris covers the following titles which you can order from Silvervision.co.uk and save a ton of money and quick service.  You Think you know me, the story of Edge, The Best of Raw and Smackdown 2011, The True Story of Wrestlemania and lastly the Royal Rumble 2012.

Chris aims to bring you Wrestleshock reviews on a more regular basis and stay tuned for the Top 5 matches from Mike, Chris and indeed YOU the listener!  Any emails can go to vinto316@gmail.com and follow Chris on Twitter @Vinto316, Mike @mlacey91 and Operation Retroshock - @retroshock316!