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Wrestleshock Reviews #21 - Top 25 Rivalries

June 6, 2013

Hey guys and gals and welcome to another episode of Wrestleshock Reviews brought to you courtesy of wwedvd.co.uk

Chris had the chance to sit down and digest the fantastic upcoming item (released June 24th) Top 25 Rivalries and there will be SPOILERS!! if you dont want this fine item spoiled then please dont listen until you have actually watched it.  if you are wanting to know who made the top 25 and who didnt then please listen on!

Chris also reminds you that there is the competition for the blu-ray and dvd of The Best of WCW Monday Night Nitro vol 2.  email chris at vinto316@gmail.com with your answers.  Jeremy Graves from wwedvd.co.uk will also be appearing on the show on Monday 10th June so if you have any questions, please send them Chris by Sunday 9th June

Thanks for listening and until the next review!