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Wrestleshock episode 19 - 2005 a year in review!

May 9, 2013

After a long long time without an episode, Wrestleshock is back with a brand new episode and Chris is not alone with this review!  An old voice comes back and its good old Allan Price joining his old co-host to sit down and talk wrestling after his trip to Wrestlemania 29.  We are joined as well by the man who loves Kane more than Kane loves Kane and that is Chris Hill who is mrbigred1990 on Youtube and make sure to check out his channel and subscribe!

The guys sit down and talk about the WWE ppvs of 2005 and we go from the start (new years revolution) to the end which was Armageddon and what were the highlights?  Was it Hulk Hogan returning to team with Shawn Michaels?  Batista winning the Royal Rumble?  Sadly this is the last time we see Eddie Guerrero as he passes away this year.

What else would you like to see on the show and let us know your thoughts on the year of 2005 wwe ppvs.  email us at vinto316@gmail.com and let the guys know if you agree or disagree with their thoughts

You can follow the guys on Twitter - Chris V is @Vinto316, Chris H is @chill90 and Allan is @allangwprice.  New episode will come up soon!