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Wrestleshock Episode 12 - Rob Schamberger interview

September 7, 2012

Hey Guys and welcome back to another episode of Wrestleshock and this time we have another interview.  Chris is joined by Hayley Stewart (xswantongirlyx on YouTube) and they are joined by the fantastic Rob Schamberger.

Rob goes over the very lengthy task that he has set himself that pertains to pro-wrestling and you MUST follow him on Twitter as you can see the great work that Rob does on an almost daily basis.  Follow him on Twitter - @Robschamberger and see his great work.

Hayley and Chris ask Rob how he came up with the method of art he uses, his favourite pro-wrestler today and what 3 matches he really enjoys.  There is a lot more questions asked and make sure to head over to Robs site to see about ordering yourself your favourite wrestler - www.robschamberger.com.

Follow Chris on Twitter - @Vinto316, hayley is @Hayleythetiny and the show is @Wrestleshock316

Make sure to head over to Chris's Youtube channel Vintomania and watch a video based on some fund raising he will be doing for his father and how you can help by donating or spreading the word.  Thank you