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Wrestleshock Episode 11 - Summerslam Episode

August 14, 2012

Hello guys and welcome back to another full length episode of Wrestleshock. With Sunday 19th the day that Summerslam 2012 airs, Mike and Chris thought it would be a good idea to ask the Wrestleshock listeners to send in some of their favourite moments etc.

Due to the length of the email sent out by Chris, only 3 peoples list made the cut.  The lucky 3 were Jordan Holloway, Lewis Oldham and Rory Bradfield.  Allan Price makes a guest appearance and the guys talk about the past summerslams, what are their favourite 3 matches?  Their biggest disappointment? They also go over the upcoming Summerslam ppv with Brock vs HHH, Ziggler vs Jericho and much more.  The Miz vs Rey match was announced after this recording!

Make sure to tune in to the next episode which will feature an interview with Rob Schamberger and Hayley (xswantongirlyx) helps Chris interviews this great artist!  Follow the guys on Twitter - Chris @Vinto316, Mike @mlacey91, Allan @allangwprice and the show @Wrestleshock316!