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Operation Retroshock - Episode 52: A Vint-age special!

September 27, 2012

Hello everyone and welcome to a very very special episode of Operation Retroshock.  As some of you may know that Chris' dad, Gary had been diagnosed with Lung Cancer and Chris is doing a fundraiser on the 29th September for Macmillan cancer research.  The person who donated the most money via paypal would have an episode of Operation Retroshock or Wrestleshock dedicated to them.  Rory Bradfield generously donated the highest amount and chose for Chris' father to pick the subjects of this episode.  Many thanks Rory, the hosts had some great fun discussing the chosen topics!

First up is the buddy film that started it all with Riggs and Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon.  This was a very popular film with Gary and gave the hosts some notes to read out.  Then we go from the crime busting duo to the cat and mouse of Tom and Jerry.  Would this cartoon work today?  Is it too violent?  The hosts then have a musical interlude before discussing one of Gary's favourite TV programme of all time - Auf Wiedersehen Pet starring some top notch talent such as Christopher Fairbank, Timothy Spall and Jimmy Nail.  Some of our american listeners may not be familiar with this but look for it on YouTube or DVD.  You wont be sorry!  We have a great song to round out the show!

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