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Operation Retroshock - Episode 50

July 8, 2012

Welcome One and All to the 50th Episode of Operation Retroshock!

Well everyone it is finally here! Almost 2 and a half years from when it all started....We began as a Monthly Show, then we went to every 2 weeks...then we started another show (Wrestleshock) and then another show (ORS Reviews) then not so long ago we  switched to being a weekly show for the Summer! So you are one way or another getting some sort of show from the Retroshock Family every week....and long may it continue!

But down to the reason why we are all here, Episode 50.

Allan and Chris decided that in order to mark this occasion in Retroshock History they would do a Retro-Retroshock. What do they mean by that? Well this Episode will follow the original format of Show Number 1! So there's going to be a TV Show, Game, Movie and some Wrestling...so here is what we have for each category:

TV Show: The Real Ghostbusters (including an interview with the voice of Janine, Laura Summer)

Game: Star Wars - Rogue Squadron 2

Movie: The Expendables

Wrestling: Rowdy Roddy Piper - Born into Controversy

So you have your subjects, you know what to expect from the guys if you have been listening since the start....take that expectation, turn it to 11 and enjoy the fun and craziness that is Operation Retroshock!


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