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Operation Retroshock - Episode 47

May 12, 2012

Welcome Everyone to Episode 47 of Operation Retroshock!

Well we thought it was time to bring back an old favourite for not only this episode but the next. It has had a good long break after our 3 back to back shows and near 9 hours worth of discussion last year. If that doesn't give it away we don't know what will, of course we are talking about Doctor Who!

Allan and Chris are joined by What the Shell's Dylan Cook as they all sit down to bring you their commentary for Doctor Who's 'End of Time - Part 1' the first part of a memorable two parter, not only for being very good episodes but they mark the end of the David Tennant era as the 10th Doctor.

So get your DVD out and join the guys as they take you through another 'Masterful' episode!

(Make sure to check back next week for our 'End of Time - Part 2' commentary)


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