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Masters of the Universe Chronicles - From the Archive - Episode 1

October 9, 2017

its been a few years hasnt it?  Well Chronicles old episodes are back and its time to rewind to the very first episode but before that ive a few people to thanks

Wade Thurman - Wade has been instrumental in helping me retrieve this old episodes as for some reason i thought podbean would keep them and never backed them up.  Wade however had the episodes and thank you so much Wade in helping me bring this back.  I truly appreciate it.

Allan Price - My Operation Retroshock co-host allowed me the platform here to publish the episodes here for your listening pleasure.  I thank Allan for keeping the Retroshock feed alive and it could be an avenue we explore....stay tuned.

So anyway, the very first episode of Masters of the Universe Chronicles I conducted an interview with "Pixel" Dan Eardley and thank Dan for being my first guest.

By the way, all the older episodes havent been altered in any way and are like they were when they first aired!

Stay tuned to the Operation Retroshock feed as i have a "Sweet" episode dropping tomorrow!