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Bonus Episode - Who to beam up!

June 8, 2012

Hey guys

Chris was a guest on Ryan Porter's terrific Comics Corner segment about the new Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover comic called Assimilation2.  Here is the synopsis from Ryan's channel and listen closely to enter the competition!!

Welcome to a very special Comics Corner! IDW is bringing together two of the long-running and beloved sci-fi franchises of all time! Star Trek: The Next Generation and Doctor Who together in Assimilation2! I love Trek but know nothing about Doctor Who so my very special guest for this podcast is none other than Chris Vint! We share stories of our fandom, help one another with the ins and outs of the 'other' franchise and be sure to stick around for the end as we announce a special giveaway! Ready your sonic screwdrivers and prepare to get beamed up!

Check out Ryan's Comic Corner every week by heading to www.ineedcomics.com and thanks for Ryan to allow us to post this for you to listen to!