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3 years ago! An interview with Larry Ditillio from Masters of the Universe Chronicles

February 19, 2013

Hello all and welcome to an episode of....Masters of the Universe Chronicles?  Is that right?  yes it is.  Allan and Chris will be celebrating their 3 year anniversary of doing Operation Retroshock and some of you followers may know that Chris started his podcasting with a He-Man podcast called Masters of the Universe Chronicles.

This interview was recorded on 29th January 2010 so its very appropriate that it is 3 years old but it is still worth a listen as Mr Ditillio is a fantastic gentleman to listen to.  Some other interviews may be put on this feed as well and make sure if you are wanting to listen to a He-Man podcast, search Itunes and you have the likes of Masterscast, Roast Gooble Dinner and Tales of Eternia to name but a few.

Mr Ditillio talks about his time working on the classic Filmation He-Man series, how the name of She-Ra came about and a very interesting name for a toy!

Why not send in your birthday greetings to Allan and Chris on their 3 years doing Operation Retroshock and make sure to follow them on Twitter where you can win a copy of Kid Icarus on the Nintendo 3DS when they reach so many followers.

Thanks for listening and until next time!