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Money in the bank anthology review

October 27, 2013

Money in the bank anthology review

Was this the match that used to steal the show at wrestlemanias? Is it something that should make a return to wrestlemania? Well that’s up for debate but Wrestlemania is where the money in the bank first started and it’s at Wrestlemania 21 that we see the first money in the bank match that the host The Miz introduces us to and tells us about the revolutionary concept.

The very next year this great match returned and maintained being an integral part of wrestlemania until wrestlemania 26. Some fantastic winners of the briefcase such as CM Punk, edge and the shocking Jack Swagger that no one saw winning!

We now have a match that became its own ppv in 2010 with a briefcase for either show, one for Raw and one for smackdown. Kane still is the only man who won the briefcase and successfully cashed it in that very night against Rey Mysterio.

I also like the fact that this anthology also includes this years matched from the 2013 money in the bank ppv which saw Damien Sandow and Randy orton succeed.

The blu-ray exclusives also have each and every cash in from the winners, whether it is the host himself, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler or Rob Van Dam.

The matches are far too crazy for me to write about but whether it’s Shelton Benjamin running up a ladder, Jeff hardy jumping onto a helpless edge lying on a ladder or seeing Chris Jericho come so close only for CM Punk to snag his leg in a ladder rung, it’s all here and much more. If you’ve never seen a mitb match, you owe yourself this great pleasure.

Previously we have had the ladder match 1&2 sets released but this is one of the best sets that I’ve watched and a real good watch with like minded wrestling fans.

The release date for this great set is 4th November and you can purchase it directly here – http://www.wwedvd.co.uk/straight-mitb-ladder-match-anthology-p-11761.html?osCsid=0a9d88f88c117cc507a81c31456dd560. Only £22.99 on blu-Ray or £19.99 on DVD.

Make sure you stay up to date on their site wwedvd.co.uk as there is giveaways, offers and upcoming items you can pre-order!